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Event organizers


 Lippuagentti (TicketAgent) offers a dynamic and scalable service to sell tickets to your events either for consumers or businesses. We serve big and small events flexibly. The free and comprehensive basic service can be supplemented with additional services if needed. You pay only for the service you need!

Sell your event tickets effortlessly and hassle free!

 We at TicketAgent want to offer a new model for selling tickets online. Our guiding principle is that profits from ticket sales belong to the organizer of the event who carries the responsibility and the risk of the event. We handle the tickets and the related payment transactions. Our basic service is available to the organizer for free online and at point-to-point ticket selling locations. Commissions are 0 € / ticket! As an add-on service we can get full marketing, ticket readers, door sale services and more. How could we help your event?

 Please contact us, we will be happy to help you: by phone 020-740 13 40 or by e-mail at


 Basic services:

 -Online and sales outlets

 -Basic marketing visibility

 -An account to use the backend system

 -Monthly sales reports

 -Commissions 0 € / ticket

 Additional services:

 from card readers to card payment systems and everything in between.



 General expenses

 -basic ticket sales network and sales outlets have no extra costs, ie the commission is 0 € / ticket - if the ticket price is for example 15 €, you receive the 15 €!

 additional services by agreement. Additional services will not be charged unless agreed in advance!

 - Establishing the first event free of charge

 a reasonable processing fee is added to the ticket price:

1,5€ - 4€ (including everything, no extra fees)


 Online sales and sales outlets

 We do not charge the event organizer additional ticket sales related fees

 The customer pays a processing fee in accordance with the chart above

 sales points add 1.5E to the costs when selling tickets

 ticket delivery methods online are the following: print ticket and the e-ticket (at a store/point of sale only the print ticket is available)

 The e-ticket is readable off the screen of a phone

Sales from the office

 It is also possible to arrange the sale of tickets from the organizer's own office or workplace

 - we create a backend user profile to the online ticket booth service site, from which you can sell tickets directly through your own office (cost 0 € / ticket to the organizer, we only charge a handling fee, the ticket price is left to the seller)

 way of printing a print ticket

Door Sales and reading the tickets (Many Options)

 - can be used with the “ticketwindow” application, with the same capacities available as in online and point-to-point sales - a ticket for either print or bulk tickets (a standard A4 printer is sufficient, if necessary, we rent ticket printers)

 can also be handled without using the system in the form of so-called cash sales, whereby:

 * Serially numbered stands: The map of the stands is printed from the service that sees free spots

 * Unnumbered stands: The remaining capacity can be checked in the system

 The reading can be performed either visually or on a normal smartphone (QR code reader apps etc.). If needed, we rent out ticket readers

 Reporting and Accounting

 can be tracked in real time on our service using usernames we create for you

 -We account the ticket sales every month right from the beginning of the sales. Accounting rhythm can be accelerated as an additional service!

 In connection with the accounts, we will deliver a report on sales by event, ticket type, sales channel and VAT.

 Other things to consider

 -STANDS: The stands can be either numbered and / or numberless, we create seating charts from scratch when needed

 -TICKET TYPES: Ticket types and their prices can be restricted to the various viewing areas freely, if necessary

 -DYNAMIC PRICING: the price of a ticket is possible to set to go up the closer the event comes - Ticket Agent's dynamic ticketing!

 -ACCESSORIES: Accessories can be sold alongside selling tickets

 -ANNING: You have the ability to create more income with different options like having ads on the tickets, ask for more info!