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Personal Data Register

Personal Data Register  in accordance with (523/99) 10 § of Finnish law

1. The Registrar

Pedconsos Ltd

PL 111 11101 Riihimäki

2. Name of the register

Pedconsos Ltd ticketing system for a customer database.

3. Purpose of the registe

The register is used Pedconsos Ltd's services, such as the treatment of the customer's identification and the identification of the service transaction and payment.

Guest register is also used legally recognized and the government regulations and guidelines in accordance with the storage, query and reporting obligations.
Personal information is also used in the Personal Data Act within the limits of customer relationship management, management and development, analysis, statistics, and information services for the production, provision and development.

4. Content of the register

The register includes the following information about customers:
• Your first and last names
• Address
• Telephone number (s)
• E-mail address
• Customer Number

5. Data Sources of Information

Register at the user at the client with respect to the incurrence of the customer relationship longer. Personal data is collected: Registered persons

6. Disclosure of data and transfer of data to the EU or European Economic Area

Transfers of personal data outside the EU, based on the standard contractual clauses approved by the Commission in accordance with the agreement of personal data based on § 23 of article 1 of 8.

7. Disclosure

Pedconsos Ltd may disclose information to the law regulating within the limits.
Pedconsos Ltd and its staff acting on behalf of outside personnel have a duty of confidentiality in relation to all customer data.

8. Data Protection

Personal use of the register is the data controller instructed the organization and the person in the register access is limited in such a way that both manually and stored in the computer system recorded in the register of personal data contained in the data can and should be used only by the registered employees who work on behalf of have that right. The controller has organized its premises access control.
Computer system is protected operating system protection software. The system requires a registry for each user defined user IDs and enter the correct password.
The assignment of the contract should be the data controller of personal data on behalf of parties dealing with the protection of the personal data the same way.

9. Right for denial

You have the right to prohibit the controller to process personal data for direct advertising, distance selling, other direct marketing and market and opinion research. Objection must be made in writing to the registrar.

10. A registered right of inspection, data correction and data storage

The data subject has the right to examine the person stored in the register, data relating to him.
The customer relationship is the end of the customer's data will be removed from the register as soon as the treatment is no longer necessary, but no later than the statutory period has expired.
The Registrar shall rectify, delete or supplement the register of the purpose of reading incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated personal data on its own initiative or at the request of. The data subject of prohibition and of the right to implement, as well as to correct the data subject should contact the person in charge.