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By filling out and submitting the event form you agree to use Lippuagentti as the sole payment intermediary for selling tickets to the event and all its sub-events. By submitting this form you also accept our ticket brokerage terms. You can find the terms here: Ticket brokerage terms.

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Write ticket prices wihout our handling fees. If you plan on having tickets that are offered to a certain demographic, explain who can buy them and why: Example - "Children's ticket (ages 4-15)" of "Early bird -ticket (sale ends at a certain date and after this date the price is higher)"

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0-9.99€ tickets 1.75€
10-49.99€ tickets 2.5€
50-74.99€ tickets 3€
75-99.99€ tickets 3.5€
100€ and more expensice 4€

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